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October 23, 2003
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Zombie Hunter by IzzyMedrano Zombie Hunter by IzzyMedrano
I promised it and here it is z-d-league. Me and Han spent an evening taking some pics, and putting together the initial art, check it out, join up, or just tell us what you think! Join the League of Zombie Destruction, you too, can enjoy the glory of perpetuating our species, by will, and the force of your superior firepower.

This is a kick ass book that han- bought at a local comic shop, written by Max Brooks and published byThree Rivers Press... if you value your life, and the lives of your progeny during the onslaught of the undead you MUST have this book. When the droves of the undead come to devour your town, house by house, multiplying their numbers you would be prepared. Joing the Zombie Destruction League, put together by Han and Yours truly. If anyone knows how to start a club, we would greatly appreciate it... then everyone who joins would get a nifty ID like this... If you are interested in joining the prepared, note me or Han, with your Proposed position in the League, weapon proficiencies and skills. Thanks!
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ashnkatt Aug 10, 2010  Student General Artist
lolz, where do I sigh up? XD
just finished reading it. didnt very much like it but still interesting.
8D I has that book! for some reason too, I bought it at a comic book shop
DarthRonius Dec 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that book. Have you read World War Z? It's by the same author.
Yes I have, and I consider it to be one of the ultimate zombie stories ever told!
DarthRonius Dec 30, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Damn right! :thumbsup: :D
i own this book, it titally kicks ass. i am in the process of reading it there now, im on the "on the run" chapter. i am soo obsessed with zombies. anyhoo, great work! i love it!
TheMetalExodus May 3, 2008
HAHA! This is badass, do you mind if I still your idea? XD
i own the book and its awesome!
id love to join the club

p.s. doesnt that mac 11 kinda go against Brooks' philosophy that fully auto weapons waste ammo and wouldnt it be a little poor when it comes to accurracy
still great for close combat i suppose but ill stick to a shotgun and bow
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